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The True “Magic” To Making Money Online

31 Jul

I was half asleep when I made this video :-), but the message is still clear and something that you need to hear…

Especially if you’re looking to build a wildly successful online business the FAST way versus waiting months and months using so called free traffic.

It’s not about traffic, it’s not about leads, it’s about having one critical piece in your business. This one piece of the puzzle is what all of the so called “gurus” have and is truly what makes it look like money just flows

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WEIRD!!! (do not read if easily offended)

27 Jul

This is an email I sent out to my loyal community this morning. Figured it was TOO good not to share here. 🙂


Ever have a really weird, weird dream? I mean REALLY weird?

All I’ll say last is last night I had a dream that involved people being covered in pee (human pee).

Ummmmm Yea. It was weird, and disgusting all in one. I woke up and immediately hoped in a shower.

I told my wife about it and all she could say was…

Weird! That is so weird Jonathan!

And is it

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How To Create A Squeeze Page

19 Jul

So how the heck do you create a squeeze page…aka…lead capture page?

It’s actually incredibly simple to create a lead capture page if you have the right tools.

Having your own lead capture page is critical to have if you’re using paid traffic sources (like Facebook PPC, Banner Ads, Solo Ads, Text Links, etc.), you have a sales funnel you’d like to take people through, or you just want to start building your email list.

Check out this short video now and I’ll walk you through step by

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The Most EVIL FOUR Letter Word!

12 Jul

I sent this email out to my list a few days ago, but the message is incredibly important so I wanted to make sure YOU and the rest of the world sees it.

I give you the worst, most EVIL FOUR letter word that exists in our world. This 4 letter world could quite literally…KILL all of your dreams, hopes, and aspirations. So take this message to heart.


Yesterday I got a call and was given an opportunity that I wasn’t expecting.

On the other end of the line (via Skype) was a lady

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Why Internet Network Marketing Events SUCK . . .

10 Jul

Internet Network Marketing Events…Why do they suck?

What happens if you don’t go to all of these “events” that seem to always be going on? What happens if you drop the excuses and actually go to Internet Network Marketing events?

Watch this short video below to find out…


For those of you who are serious about building your business online, there just so happens to be a MAJOR event that will be here before you know it. They will be selling HIGHLY discounted

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CRUSH IT! by Gary Vaynerchuk Book Review

9 Jul

I just finished reading the book, “CRUSH IT,” by Gary Vaynerchuk. Check out the below video to find out…

Should you read this book?
Does this book reveal the secrets to how I’ve built my business?
What are the key points I personally took from this book?


This book is a must read for anyone looking to build a successful online business (whether you’re in network marketing or not).

I highly recommend you pick up this’s an easy read and will give

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